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Do You Want Rabid Buyers Emptying Their Wallets For Your Products?

Let's face it, making it online is tough! 

If you’ve been struggling with your online efforts and want to know how to really make it, and send your online profits soaring - then this is definitely the most important page you will read today!

Here’s why:

At one point, I was struggling with to make it myself and I was almost convinced that I would never get it right...

All the information I purchased from the "Top Dogs" and "Gurus" only confused me more and more, and pulled me in too many different and incorrect directions.

THEN ... a highly-critical comment by a Top Guru stung me to the core ... and forced me to quit doing the wrong things - and only focus on the things that really worked!

So, what you'll actually discover here are the techniques that really work, and nothing more...


Mike Filsaime said my copy "SUCKED"

It was actually a comment by Mike Filsaime during a "HotSeat" session at a seminar in Seattle, Oregon that finally pushed me in the right direction.

I'd travelled all the way from London, UK to Seattle, USA for an internet marketing seminar, and the organisers offered me a chance to have one of my products reviewed in a "HotSeat Panel Session".

Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity ... but nothing in my life had prepared me for what would happen in the next few minutes...

I was ushered up onto the stage and the organisers displayed the salespage for my product.

Mike Filsaime, and several other panel members, asked me a few questions about my product, and then began reviewing the salecopy.

I thought I'd created a "reasonable" quality salespage, and had been quite happy with it up to that point.

Unfortunately, "reasonable" doesn't cut muster with the "Top Gurus" - They DEMAND the best!

After several scathing comments, Mike Filsaime stated "Dave, let's face it - your copy sucks!"


I was completely devastated. 

As you can imagine - I was completely devastated. 

After all, I'd spent weeks creating the website for my product, and, now, in the words of one of the top internet marketers in our field ... "IT SUCKED"

How would you feel in my position?  Would you feel like giving up?

I felt like my world had collapsed ... and that I was a complete failure.

BUT, there was some good news.

Mike turned to the audience, and called out "Are there any copywriters in the audience?"

A lone hand was raised at the back of the hall.

It was a copywriter that Mike knew well.

Mike turned back to me and told me ... "Go talk to Scott immediately after this session. Listen to everything he tells you - and do EXACTLY what he says. "


That was MY turning point

That was MY turning point ... my big break.

The copywriter was Scott Paton, and with his help, expertise, and guidance ... my next product launch grossed over $250,000.

BELIEVE ME - that focused my mind - and made me realise that WORDS are the most important online currency of all.

I realised that having the power to write copy that compelled people to buy was worth more than anything else in the world.

Writing compelling copy is the most important skill you can EVER possess.

And, don't forget, copy is much more than just salespages - everything you write is copy - emails, Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts, articles, videos - they're ALL copy and how well you create them has a dramatic impact on your success or failure online.

You've seen just how much of an impact compelling copy had in my online business - now YOU need to ask yourself a hard question ... and give an honest answer.


How much is compelling copy worth to YOUR business?

Could you imagine how would it be like if all your copywriting efforts really produced the results you've been struggling for?

What if you were to convert at 3% instead of 1% with the same amount of web traffic? ( HINT: This means tripling your income without spending one more penny. )

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn't - if you know how - and I'll tell you exactly how in this report...

And it's NOT like any other report you've ever read on copywriting...


Simply, because everything in " Copy Supremacy" has been tested in real life and really works.

Nothing could be easier!

Here are just a few of the many things you'll discover with the information in " Copy Supremacy":

The #1 rule that you must fully understand about your customers.

Build your business around this simple rule… and you’ll be in a safe and profitable zone – FOREVER!

3-Step Copywriting Formula

The simple but highly-effective formula used by every successful copywriter on the earth – even if they're not consciously aware of it.

How to turn your biggest obstacle ( getting your readers’ attention) into your biggest advantage?

A small change in your mindset – and you're ready to explode.

Four time-tested ways you can use to get your readers’ attention.

Just use two of them and you’ll likely have a winning headline.

What specifically must you do AFTER you create a great headline for your sales letter?

98% of all copywriters don’t do this … and it's the main reason why most sales letters don’t pull a fraction of their potential profits.

Why the “ Long Copy vs. Short Copy” debate is totally wrong!

After all, it's not about you or your copy … it is about YOUR _________.

The easiest way of becoming a great copywriter

The exact same technique all the master copywriters have been using for decades will help you progress in a fraction of the time you ever imagined.

How to start writing your sales letter?

And a very important concept you better keep in your mind as you continue writing.

Each and every sentence in your copy has a mission.

And why forgetting this simple rule, which is outlined in this report, will cost you a lot of money.

Discover how bullet points in your sales letter can stir desire in your prospect.

Each bullet point can work like a mini-headline if you know how to use them effectively.

How to lend credibility to your sales letter and prove your case?

Three specific ways to achieve this goal.

The sneaky strategy on how to determine where to place testimonials in your sales copy.

Why the correct positioning can increase your conversions by as much as 57%.

How to discover your potential customers’ objections?

If you know your customers objections, you can blow them out of the water before they even get raised.


A unique risk-reversal strategy that most marketers are scared to death of … yet some million-dollar marketers built their entire business around this strategy.

Two ways to create a sense of urgency in your reader’s mind.

Scarcity sells - and you can use it in your copy to massively increase your conversions.

Why some copywriters and salesmen make people want to buy the product/service… and yet fail to close the deal.

It is so obvious and simple… but many marketers fail to take this crucial step.

The One-Sentence Rule

REVEALED- How ONLY “one sentence” in your sales letter will boost your sales… or completely kill it?If “it” doesn’tdo its job, the rest of your sales letter is worthless.

The Power Words Formula

Four types of “power words”that are guaranteed to boost your sales ... and the one and only “power word” which you must use in every single sales material you create – without exception.

The 2nd most important component of every sales letter

If you don’t use the 2nd most important component of every sales letter efficiently, then the chances are really high that you are losing a lot of money. If you are selling online… then this simple component will be even more important for you.

How to turn your “features” into irresistible “benefits”?

If you don’t know the whole thing about this “features vs. benefits”, you better read this report – NOW.

How to handle visitors who do NOT read properly

WARNING – Increasing number of web surfers (including your potential customers) do NOT read properly on the internet.  - and what can you do about it, as a CLEVER copywriter who understands the human nature?

The REAL reason people buy

You’ll learn WHY “ people buy because of their ________, and justify their purchase based on _____and EXACTLY how you can harness this to increase your conversions.

Everything is "battle-tested" and ready for you to devour immediately.

In a matter of minutes from now, you could be on your way to increasing your conversions ... and your profits... in everything you write.

Every salesletter, email, advert, Facebook Post, tweet, blog post, article, and video will sizzle and pop ... TODAY ... and FOREVER!

But ... Before We Go On ...

There's Something I Need To Make Very Clear To You ...

This Isn't for Everybody

And It May NOT Be For You!


I'm not kidding. This product may not be for you ... regardless of your level of marketing experience.

What I mean by that is...

It won't just magically add money to your bank account simply by having this on your computer....

Of course, if you're willing to do a little bit of work... this is for YOU.

And it's something that will change your life in a big way - more money, more time, and more happiness ....

... and more time on the beach.

Here's Why You NEED This

Just think what it could mean to you... right now... to have all the skills and knowledge I'm about to share with you

You'll save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in copywriting fees... and any time you need copy fast, you'll be able to write your sales material in super-fast time... perhaps even creating something better than if you hired someone else!

If you're going to write your own copy, you need this system.

And, remember, copy is much, much more than just sales pages.

You can also apply the core strategies that I'm going to reveal to you in every Email, Facebook Post, Article, Blog Post, Video Salesletter, and Tweet, that you ever write.

OK, Let's Make This Even Easier
A Complete No-Brainer For You


30-day No Questions Asked Guarantee

If between now and and the next 30 days, you can honestly say this wasn't the most informative report you have ever seen on copywriting, simply contact me for a refund on the spot. Our helpdesk link is at the bottom of this page. You have nothing to lose.

No Risk For You

It's easy ... either it works for You or Your Money Back!

All Of The Risk Is On Me.

I allow you to try all of the information and if you don't like it, you get 100% of your money back, and the product to keep.

So What's The Cost?

Of course, at this point you're probably keen to know the price.

Just before we get to that, let's think about what you're getting here.

When you invest today, I'll show you exactly how to start your sales letter and create a page that has people bursting with desire for your product... and I'll show you how to press all the right emotional buttons to move them from reading to  clicking your Buy Button.

I've personally paid over $2000 for a single sales letter ... (I've Mike Filsaime to thank for that!)... and I know marketers who have paid more than 5 figures for a single page.

If you create just ONE sales letter with my help, you've saved at least $300, maybe $500, $1,000, or even as much as $2000 on copywriting fees... and using the system I'm about to share with you, you can create as many sales letters as you want.


Download all the important bits

What I'm really giving you is the shortcut to success that's taken me literally YEARS and thousands of dollars to discover ... and you can "download" all the important bits RIGHT INTO YOUR BRAIN in a matter of hours!


As for the price, I asked the advice of a couple of other marketing colleagues, and they said Copy Supremacy was easily worth $1,000 or more ... and one absolutely insisted that I charge no less than $197.

Personally I think they didn't want some of the techniques I reveal in this book reaching the masses ... and increasing the competition for them.

However, chances are that the people who need this the most might find that $1,000 or even $197 to be a serious barrier to investing.

So, after thinking long and hard into the night, I decided that, if I cut the price on Copy Supremacy to just $27, I'd be handing you a BAG OF GOLD!

YOU just have to be brave enough to take it ... and USE IT!

Copy SupremacyE


If this system can help you make just one more sale, it will have paid for itself.

I sincerely believe it will help you to make many, many more sales... and you'll be referring to it for years to come, saving yourself literally thousands of dollars in copywriting fees, and banking thousands of dollars in increased sales!

I'm giving you all the strategies, knowledge, and techniques to create your own sizzling sales letters in as little as 24 hours. You can use these techniques to start making sales right now... and you'll be referring to these techniques for years to come... so don't lose out on this opportunity.

You owe it to yourself, and your business, to invest right now.

I'm holding out a bag of gold for you ... will you take it ... and use it?

Copy SupremacyE